‘The Great Train Robbery’ – World Productions

‘The Robber’s Tale’

For the first of two films commissioned about the Great Train Robbery of 1963, Kaye researched and sourced vintage fabrics/dressing props and year-specific action props such as walkie-talkies and VHF equipment. Kaye also assisted in dressing a Brighton florist’s shop set – creating a large display of period cut flowers and floral arrangements for the shop front window.

‘The Copper’s Tale’

For the second film telling the story of the ensuing police investigation, Kaye conducted in-depth research into Scotland Yard, forensics lab, Fingerprint Bureau and Flying Squad offices.  She sourced relevant archive material and established research contacts with museums, private collectors – and even one of the three fingerprint experts who worked on the actual Train Robbery case!

1960's Brighton florist shop Fingerprint examination (Large)



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