‘The Thirteenth Tale’ – Heyday Films

For this one-off feature for BBC2 set in a country estate in the 1940’s – 50’s, Kaye sourced props for dressing and action, including insects and birds.  For a fire stunt, a studio set was built to replicate a library, for which Kaye sourced antique furniture, smalls and books to burn, and organised bespoke fire-retardant drapes to exactly match the original fabric.

Kaye also stepped up to Set Decorator on a couple of occasions, for sets such as the squalid and filthy ‘Charlie’s Quarters’:

“A scene of astonishing chaos and filth: there’s a table with a selection of cutthroat razors… and a pile of bloodstained handkerchiefs; plates of decaying, half-eaten food all over the floor; a grubby couch, covered in bloodstains; swarms of flies, rising from the food remains….”


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