King Bert Productions Ltd

Credit: Production Buyer

Adapted from the David Walliams’ children’s book ‘Ratburger’ for Sky1, this 1 x 90 minute comedy drama tells the story of 11-year old Zoe, her pet rat Armitage and Burt – the villain who makes burgers out of rats – and children.

Kaye sourced dressing for the set build of Zoe’s high-rise council flat, everything brown, drab and crisp-coloured – in reference to Zoes’ evil step-mother who only eats prawn cocktail crisps. In contrast, Zoe’s room has colour and personaility. Other locations Kaye sourced dressing for include a newsagents, school, Burt’s factory and a builders yard.

Kaye was also responsible for vehicles (including the purchase of a vintage Bedford van and interior dressing props which was converted into Burt’s burger van) – and organizing a home economist, animals, prop makes, product placement and all action props.




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