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Lies We Tell (General Release February 2018): Set Decorator

Danny & The Human Zoo (BBC1):  Production Buyer

Dusty & Me (LB Feature):  Production Buyer

Awaiting (LB Feature):  Set Decorator

The Thirteenth Tale (BBC2):  Assistant Buyer

Red Riding 1980 (CH4): Assistant Buyer

The Great Train Robbery – Robbers & Coppers Tale (BBC1):  Art Dept. Assistant



TV Drama

Ratburger (Sky1, 1 x 90): Production Buyer

The Moonstone (BBC1, 5 x 45): Production Buyer

Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, Eps 1-3 (BBC America, 7 x 60):  Assistant Set Decorator

The Syndicate – Series 2 (ITV1, 6 x 60): Assistant Set Decorator

Married, Single, Other (ITV1, 6 x 60): Assistant Buyer

Wuthering Heights (ITV1, 2 x 60): Assistant Set Decorator

Spooks Code 9 (ITV3, 6 x 50): Art Dept. Assistant



Factual / Entertainment

Make Bradford British (Ch4, 2 x 60): Set Decorator

A Band For Britain (BBC2, 3 x 60): Design Assistant

Antiques Master – Series 1 & 2 (BBC2, 13 x 30): Antiques Curator




The Glorious Nothing Days (Anchor commercial): Buyer

Teacake (Plusnet commercial): Buyer