‘Awaiting’ – Family Dies Ltd

This psychological thriller centers around Morris, a recluse psychopath who lives in a house in the woods with his teenage daughter, where he captures, torments and murders his victims in his secret basement.

As Set Decorator on this production, Kaye interpreted the script to style, furnish and decorate studio sets and locations, sourcing all dressing and action props – which she achieved with a very limited budget and prep time.

Morris’s house:

“The inside of Morris’s house is a tribute to a lack of style and consideration. There are no modern appliances, all of the furniture is worn and decrepit, none of it matches… “

2014-07-03 02.30.37

The shed:

“A rustic, musty old shed, paint peeling from the walls, tools and jars placed on homemade shelves… ”

2014-07-14 20.55.06

The basement:

“The torch beams cut through the darkness, resting on a set of shelves. On the shelves are various jars and containers – various oddities lie in the jars of formaldehyde… “

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